Good Day – Smart Tool for Self (PRO) 0.4.4

Good Day – Smart Tool for Self Improvement

The description of Good Day – Smart Tool for Self Improvement

Forming positive habits is essential for a happier life, and Good Day is an app that helps you efficiently improve yourself.

Good Day is the ultimate self improvement tool.
Every day you can rate your day as good, bad or neutral, and write down the key points as to why it went this way. Good Days effective briefing system then helps you pinpoint your good habits and flaws, so you know what to keep doing, or what to eliminate the following days. Be more mindful with Good Day!

•  Habits are formed by repeating the same behaviors again and again, often without even realizing it. The first step to mastering your habits is to become familiar with the patterns that make up your life. Good Days smart briefings help you do this. The notifications keep you focued on the improvement of your life, by building better rituals and adding more focus to accountability.

•  The secret to motivation is watching your improvement over time. Using Good Day daily helps build discipline and promotes the creation of long-lasting positive habits. Improve your accountability by reviewing briefings every day. Increase your motivation by tracking your progress.

•  Effectively track your habits, and through the clever briefing system receive notification summaries of the key points of your earlier days.

•  Customize your notifications so you can review your previous days in the future. Focus on the good, and eliminate the bad!

•  Keep an overview of your stats and get motivational badges and rewards for having good days. Set your own goals, and reach them through self improvement and perseverance.

•  The more good days you have, the more exciting features you unlock. Have 30 good days to unlock adfree.

•  Get an overview of all your past days through a beautiful user interface. Easy to use, and easy on the eyes. All themes can be complimented with dark mode.

•  Get motivated with our motivation booster! You get a new motivational quote every time you add a new day, and become more motivated and happier throughout the day.

Be more mindful of your daily rituals with Good Day.
Good Day is the key to improvement and the best way to practice accountability. Install Good Day now to build better habits!

What's news

Small update with minor stability improvements.
Widgets will be available in the next one.

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