MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gra (PRO) 1.5

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The description of MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gratitude Journal

With the MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gratitude Journal, you can be grateful everyday by recording ideas and things that make you more happy every day.

When you set a Vision Board, it can help you manifest your dreams and desires, utilizing the term of Law of Attraction.

Easy to set your Life Vision Goals :
- Set a title and upload your goal image
- Set a goal deadline (optional)
- Visualize your goals in Viewing Mode with background relaxing music
- Download a quick screenshot of your goals
- View dashboard for completed and pending vision goals

**Write your Gratitude Diary :
Gratitude Journal allows you to record ideas, thoughts and meditation on the previous day. Each journal entry helps you increase prosperity, mindfulness, clear vision and build self-confidence.

**Features of MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gratitude Journal :
• It helps you to identify your vision and give it clarity.
• It helps reinforcing your daily affirmations.
• Keeps you focused and motivated.
• Add photos and/or locations to moments to gratitude
• Set daily reminder to write gratitude journal
• Make a private vision goals and your gratitude thoughts with passcode lock security
• Make a grateful card and share your gratefulness to other on social media

Positive affirmations includes: Gratitude, Success, Confidence, Self Esteem, Decision Making, Abundance, Attitude, Business, Love, Family, Relationship, Forgiveness, Law of attraction, Health, Exercise, Pregnancy, Beauty and women.
- Positive affirmations allows to add their own affirmations, images and recordings. Everything manageable from affirmations settings.

*Backup and restore - your dreams and gratitude are important! Use a drive backup functionality to restore your dreams no matter what happens!

What's news

- minor bug fixed

Download MyGoals: Set Vision Board, Gratitude Journal for Android

Download apk - 21 MB


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