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The description of Reminder PRO

Reminder app helps you to remember anything which is important to you.

• Need to remember an important date? (Deadline, homework, assignments, birthday, anniversaries, errands, daily task, medication, bills.)
• Do not want to be late for a meeting? (Personal Assistant)
• Need to take medication at a certain time? (Medication reminder or pill reminder) 💊
• An important job to do at a specific day and time? (Daily routines)
• Forget to make important calls or SMS? (Call reminder) 📞
• Dealing with an overdue fine that forget to pay on time? Have you've ever missed a credit card bill payment? (Bills reminders)
• Have you ever forgotten about your anniversary? (Anniversary reminder)
• How often should I remind myself to drink water? (Water reminder)

Remind app is a simple and very useful program. Easily create a reminder and it gets triggered at on time and notifies you. Reminder app for Daily work will be your new personal assistant and reminder with alarm will remind you everything.

Reminder To-do lists & Task is a time management and task management tool that makes life easier. Set tasks and set reminder alarms for upcoming events. When the time is right, receive notification for due date reminders.

Features of Reminder
 Easy to use. Create tasks and notes quickly.
 Quicky search reminders – search functionally.
 Widget
 Repeatable & recurring alarms. Set repeat interval for recurring events. Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
 Customization: Color picker, vibration, custom notification sound, custom ringtone, text size, prioritize, night mode etc.
 Remind Me sound can be set from notification sounds, alarm sounds, ringtones or all sounds.
 Text size in Just Reminder with Alarm can be adjusted as small, medium, large or huge.
 Vibrate when ringing option can be set on for all reminders, ToDo.
 Snooze option. Snooze duration can be customized for desire.
 Color picker. Colorful To Do Reminder with Alarm to attract more attention
 Priority selector. Set priority for your Life reminders.
 Reminder sort order: Sort reminders by date, time and priority.
 Use 24-hour format or AM/PM format.
 Select date format as;
 12/31/2022 --> Day/Month/Year
 31/12/2022 --> Month/Day/Year
 2022/12/31 --> Year/Month/Day
 Date & Time Picker Theme can be chosen optionally.
 Day planner. All task, Today, Tomorrow or Next Day.
 Backup & Restore feature. Online backup (Google Firebase) and option to backup to device. Export as Excel file.
 Password Protection. Use Daily Reminder with password protection.
 Voice recorder. Attach audio recordings to your reminders.
 Voice recognition. Reminder app with alarm and notification supports Google speech services to convert your voice to text. So, you can create your messages without typing them with your voice.
 Photo Reminder. Attach photos to your reminders.
 Night mode option.

Check out the usage areas, types and examples of Reminder scheduler with alarm.

* Remind Drink Water
Simple all-in-one reminder can also remind you to drink water. Set hourly or daily repeatable alarms to drink enough water. Get notified to create healthy water-drinking habits.

* Daily Routines - Errands - Daily Reminders
Plan your daily tasks easily. Task Reminders can be your Daily planner and life organizer. Daily Tasks Assign helps you to make your life easier. When you need to do a Daily errand, set a reminder alarm to remind you. You can also prioritize daily errands. Schedule organizer

* Birthday Alarm – Birthday Reminder
Don't forget birthdays anymore. Set up reminders for birthdays and notified on time. You can also add extra notes for birthday gift or plans.

* Anniversaries (Wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.)
Just Reminder is here to help you stay on top these important dates. Use Reminders app to create one-off anniversary reminders and Reminder alarm will ensure that you remember anniversaries.

In short, Simple is the best!

What's news

1. Backup error is fixed. (Backup to device and Google Firebase) 2. The issue of not ringing alarms on new phones is fixed. 3. New feature: When click on photo, the photo is opened in new page as fullscreen. 4. New feature: Repeatable alarm can be selectable when click the middle or end. 5. Reminder is ready for ANDROID 12. All adjustments made.

Download Reminder PRO for Android

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