Photo Ink – Mark, Sign, Draw (PREMIUM) 4.11

Photo Ink Mark Sign Draw Premium

The description of Photo Ink - Mark, Sign, Draw

Photo Ink is a easy to use photo editing app by which you can write on your picture, create your drawing art.

By using this simple paint app, you can highlight the points or your thoughts on picture.

Use brush and ink to help you draw sketch and use with your team while work or you can just use it for making fun on your photos (Photo Fun).

Also you can sign it like an autograph and share it with your friend.

Mark on photo, Sign on photo, Write on photo, Draw on photo with ease.


1. Write or sign on your photo.
2. Highlight your points or show your thoughts by easily marking on your photo.
3. Show your drawing skill and create some art.
4. Choose different pen colours for drawing.
5. Adjust stroke for pen.
6. Option to set background colour for your art.
7. Option to choose different style of pen: Normal, Blurred or Embossed
8. Eraser for deleting the wrong pen work or marking.
9. Multi-touch zoom option for Premium users.
10. Crop & Rotate option for Premium users.
11. Save your art with ease.
12. Option to share with your friends.

Photo Ink is a basic paint app which allows you to draw anything on your photo using gesture pen.

It is a photo editing tool by which you can write anything or create art using the touch writing. People working on a team or creating on new projects can use this photo editing app to highlight the points and co-relate the things.

Just for fun also one can use this basic paint app where new drawings or shape can be drawn on photo. If someone wants to write or draw on a plain canvas then just press back on image chooser pop-up and you are ready to draw. On this plain canvas also one can set background color by tapping on color icon.

To make drawing more artistic there is an option of choosing pen style, by which this paint app can draw on the photo as a normal pen, blurred brush, or embossed drawing.

This basic paint app of drawing can be a useful tool for taking autographs from your favorite celebrities. Also for sign of proof, one can use this app to take signature of any person either on photo or on a plain canvas. Although now a days the trend is of selfies but still this is one of the classic ways of keeping in touch with your idols.

There are so many cases where this app can be useful to show and highlight on any photo such cases can be one of the followings: shopping online for your dear ones, car or any vehicle related problem sharing from remote place with your mechanic, as an UI expert highlighting the errors or sharing your thoughts with your team or your designers, identifying famous places, highlighting ingredients while cooking, and so on.

This is the best photo editing app you can have on your smartphone which is always useful in so many cases, a must have photo editing tool with painting feature to draw on your photo.

With new multi-touch zoom option for photos, one can really utilize the feature while starting to write on photo.

It's so easy and simple to use and created with beautiful design for better user experience.

Please rate us and share with your friends to support us.

We would love your feedback and suggestions for improvements as well. So, please write us to [email protected].

What's news

+ Performance enhancements.

Download Photo Ink - Mark, Sign, Draw for Android

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