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The description of Sprouts Money : Expense Tracker, Free Budgeting

Help you develop good bookkeeping habits
Want to keep accounts, but can't keep up? Remember to keep the accounts in a mess? Keeping accounts every day, but always in the moonlight, just give up? Still can't save money...
Let Sprouts take you to keep accounts and check accounts~ There are only things you can't think of, nothing you can't do, records in the car, records on the road, and records before going to bed, from persistence to enjoyment, bring you spiritual satisfaction anytime, anywhere!
【Personal customization, Sprouts will create it for you】
Every time you book a book, you have to choose a category. What should you do if you choose difficult patients? It doesn't matter~Whether you are eating or shopping online, doing subway or charging phone bills, Sprouts is ready for you, just tap, enter the amount, and start your personal customized journey~
Open Sprouts, click "+" to add a transaction, enter the amount directly, the next page will prepare the category you want for you, click Save. According to statistics, more than 90% of daily billing records are added through the best recommended categories.
【Sprouts takes you to understand yourself and adjust your life in time】
Where you spend your money and time, it means where the focus of your life is. Through the objective data of accounting, you can directly reflect your way and attitude towards life.
The custom stat analysis of Sprouts allows you to explore your own statistical data at will, such as how much the beverage spending this month has increased compared to the previous month? Do you spend more on weekdays or weekends? Is ordering takeaway more frequent?
By observing your statistics, you can see your current state of life. If you feel that something is out of control, you can adjust it in time.
【PS perfect desktop accounting widget, Sprouts will help you】
Every time you open the app, it is too troublesome to make accounting, and you want to click the accounting directly on the desktop, but you feel that the widgets are not aligned and not beautiful enough, what should you do if you destroy your beauty?
Sprouts has 10 different widgets, 100+ data sources to choose from, and a super free PS toolbox to help you define the perfect desktop accounting widget! What data to display, background, foreground, transparency, rounded corners, margins, alignment, and size can be adjusted!
【Small account book, Sprouts will take you to become a big housekeeper】
What should I do if I am too lonely to keep accounts alone? Want to see what your family usually buys online? Sprouts is ready, click invite, and you can invite your family members to join the account book with one click, and book and check accounts together!
Everyone can see all the data in the ledger and can add records together, plan budgets, and organize account balances.
【Sprouts function list】
95%+ features are free and ad-free.
1. Record expenses, income and transfers;
2. Record refunds and handling fees;
3. Add pictures, items, merchant, labels to the record;
4. Free multiple books;
5. Search and filter all records, support many filter conditions;
6. Account management, and view the account balance trend chart;
7. Credit card bill management;
8. Stage management;
9. Customize stat analysis;
10. The monthly total budget, category budget;
11. Calendar view board;
12. Reimbursement management;
13. Borrowing and lending management;
14. Personnel management;
15. Periodic transaction management;
16. Multiple people keep accounts together;
17. Log in to the same account with multiple devices;
18. Free bill import and export, one-click import, no template required;
19. 10 kinds of super beautiful widgets;
20. Free cloud synchronization support;
21. Local backup, WebDav backup support;
22. Digital password, gesture password, fingerprint unlock support;
23. Support all global currency bookkeeping;
24. Dark night mode;
25. 8 kinds of themed skins;
26. Accounting reminder function.

What's news

1. Adjust the dialog box style of the start date of the account balance to facilitate the selection of the year;
2. When the starting date of the month is not 1, the month-related statistics display errors;
3. Fix the problem that the transaction list cannot be kept when the date filter condition is the last 6 weeks;
4. Fix the crash problem.

Download Sprouts Money : Expense Tracker, Free Budgeting for Android

Sprouts Money-Expense-Tracker-Free-Budgeting-Premium-9.3.1.apk
Download apk - 8 MB


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