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The description of Blurfoto : Auto blur photo background & DSLR focus

Blur image background using our quick and fast auto blur image app Blurfoto.
Blur Photo Editor app can be used for the effective blurry picture effect, picture blurry background, attractive DSLR Camera Effect auto focus, photo blur camera, dslr blur, lens blur depth effect, blur photo- portrait mode blur, unblur photos and hide part of image for privacy as a photo blurrer.
Focus your photo like auto blur camera 2021 and defocus unwanted objects by using our easy blur effect photo editing app. Blur Editor will be more effective by using our unique photo blur dslr original app.
Auto Blur:-
Auto Photo Background Blur Effect app which have a lot of amazing blur effects to adjust the blur it option which will give the blur background images hd effect and blur photo- portrait mode blur mode app with the best dslr camera hd photography look.
DSLR Image Blur Background app which have eraser option to remove the wanted part of your photo easily. Add text with color fonts, stickers and effects to the auto blur background free images.
Use this professional camera with blur background option to simplify the best blur effect free photo editing. You can blur easily with this auto focus to get selective blur photos effects.
Blurfoto- a photo blur dslr original app makes the editing easy, smooth and will give you perfect auto blur face filter backgrounds. Get the selective blur photos (or) easy blur face filter by using our blur photo editor new 2021 which is a quick to apply background blur pic editor and selective focus image.
*This auto blur camera can be used as the photo blur fixer free app.
*Select image from gallery (or) capture using the camera.
*Draw around the image to focus and click on the done button. It will dslr image blur background and unfocus it .
*Adjust the blur pic intensity using the burriness option.
*Add the text with color fonts, stickers and effects to the blur photos.
Manual Blur Photo Editor:-
*After the auto blur effect if you want to unblur again then use this new blur photo editor 2021.
*Just select blur (or) unblur and touch image to blur or unblur.
*Adjust blurriness and brush size to apply the best blur effect photo editing.
Shape Blur:-
*Select the shape blur option and then choose the image to be blurred.
*Try different shapes and adjust blur it to get a proper blur image with shape.
*Blur Photo HD Maker is the best shape background blur pic editor.
*It contains a lot of shapes to make the picture blurry background effects more beautiful. Try this amazing photo blur fixer it to create the dslr image blur background pro with shape effects.
Square Blur Pic : No crop
Use Square image blur to make a square photo without cropping. It helps to make a profile pic.
How to use photo blur editor or blur photo editor and effect:
1. Select the image to be blurred from the gallery or album.
2. First use auto blur camera 2021 to make your blur image fast.
3. Draw border around the image, it will blur part of the image except portion inside border.
4.If you want to unblur or want to do some more blurring then use manual blur.
5. Manual blur editor is the new blur photo editor 2021 app.
6. Use the blur image option and touch on image to apply dslr camera hd photography effect.
7. Use deblur option or erase blur from image .
8. Click on adjust option to adjust brush of blurriness or intensity of blur effect.
9. Once you are done, then save and share the auto blur background free pictures.

This deblurring app helps you to blur part of image using manual blur option to remove blur from photos. Adjust the brush of blurriness or intensity to make the blurity and smart deblurring app.
Blurfoto- Photo Editor is the background blur pro app is an unique app with many blurity and Smart deblurring app features in this auto blur background free (or) professional camera with blur background application.
Download our the best blur background dslr – help you have blurry image app for to make background blur effects.

What's news

Minor bug fixed.

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