Bounce N Bang -Premium Version (PREMIUM) 1.41

Bounce N Bang Premium Version Bounce off game 1
Game, Puzzle

The description of Bounce N Bang - Premium Version - Bounce off game

New concept in physics puzzle. So addictive that you can’t stop playing, still 99% can't win. Give it a try! Don’t worry if you don't win; it’s still a good time killer, with no internet needed ㋡.

Wanna try the free version first ? here you go :

Short version story:Game has a background story (That’ll be in game). An evil kingdom ‘Zormen’ took over the land of poor villagers and its inhabitants , fortunately few of villagers managed to escape and contacted you. Now it’s up to you, will you help them get their land and people back?

Game play:
You are given a cannon, shoot the cannonball to enemy’s castle. Bounce ball through walls or hit directly to destroy. It’s not a usual tap ball game; Strategic thinking is a mush that will challenge your logic and brain skills. Wanna be smarter? try Bounce Off!
Btw ball count is just a number in this premium version, it will automatically refill when goes down to zero.

1. Aim your cannon to the direction so that fireball will bounce off & hit the castle.
2. Place blockers to help you angle the projectile.
3. Press the Fire Button to shoot.
4. Watch out for evil King Kong & dragons on later levels.
5. Collect the Golden coin with star to get higher score.
6. You can replay each level for better scores.

✪ No Ads, neither rewarded or popup, nor any mini transactions
✪ Infinite fire rounds to play with
✪ Consecutive rounds to play, reliable than free version
✪ Non-stop Play for the whole family
✪ Play without internet
✪ Unique variation to the balls shooter or shoot em up games.
✪ Engaging story line.
✪ Great graphic & game design
✪ Easy game control & smooth game play.
✪ Cannonball count is just a number in this premium version, it refills auto when goes down to zero.

So, if you want to play a puzzle ball game with exciting story line or thrilling shoot em up games, don’t look any further. There are plenty of puzzle ball games, but there is only one Bounce N Bang.
We really hope that you enjoy to shoot an bounce off & our game can entertain you for hours! If you encounter any issue, don’t hesitate to email us so we can fix it ASAP.
Enjoying our game? Please take a moment and leave us a rating & review!

Refund Policy
Don't worry about refund, try this ad free version, if you don't like it , simply email us at [email protected] asking for refund , we don't mind refunding. (It would be better if you email with in 48 hours after buying)

What's news

-Update : Get power-ups with fewer coins - easy to get power ups in premium version
-No Ads + Unlimited rounds
-2x chances before lost for each stage
-Over all user experience improved (based on feed backs recorded from game players)

Download Bounce N Bang - Premium Version - Bounce off game for Android

Download apk - 24 MB
Download mp4 - 2 MB

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