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Action, Game

The description of Days Bygone - Castle Defense

Join the Defender in the leading endless defense game with endless hours of non-stop action! Grow your castle against the endless waves of mobs, titans and bosses in endless stages and a competitive leaderboard.

▶ Castle Defense
Controls are as simple as it gets - tap to defend! Then purchase new equipment, upgrade your defenses, recruit new heroes, discover new skills.

▶ Grow Castle
Like all Tower Defense, you accumulate Gold and Elixir in order to grow your castle! There are endless amounts of stats, spells and skills to upgrade. As you grow, your heroes grow too!

▶ Endless Frontier
🗝️ Dungeon Defense - Enter the Dungeon to obtain Keys!
🦴 Epic Adventures - Go on Expeditions to uncover Fossils!
💤 Idle Defender - Heroes make progress while you are away!

Survive the endless waves before days gone in the most addictive and epic dungeon defense game of all time. The journey to be the best castle defender starts now, don't keep the Defender waiting!

What's news

- Spring has arrived in Days Bygone!
- Updates to the Store, Heroes, and much more!

Download Days Bygone - Castle Defense for Android

Download apk - 102 MB
Download apk - 45 MB

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