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The description of Designer City: Empire Edition

Design and build an ancient town. Develop it into a bustling and prosperous city, help it grow and evolve into a huge sprawling empire spanning thousands of years. This is a free to play offline city building game with no wait times and no limitations!

To build a successful empire in this free historical empire city builder game, you will need to attract people by building houses, villas and decadent mansions for them to live in. Like all building games, once they have moved in, they will need employment opportunities so you will also need to construct businesses and industry where they can work.

Build large markets where people can shop, libraries and education where they can learn and military to keep your empire safe from invasion. Improve the well-being of your sims by adding a variety of bars, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and other entertainment facilities to keep your people happy. Construct large sporting arenas and amphitheatres to host epic sporting events. Start with a small Roman city and expand to include other civilizations; including ancient Egyptian, Aztec, Byzantine, Persian, Norse, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. Dream it, design it and build it in this casual tycoon simulation games.

This fun casual offline city building games - Empire City - offers you the complete freedom to design and build a town your way with no wait times to slow down the gameplay. Plan and evolve your city building however you wish. Design your perfect city and make your amazing empire come to life. Happy designing with offline or online gameplay. No internet connection is required to play Empire City.

Your residents do not want to live in a polluted city so it is important to carefully zone your city and ensure that you decorate your city with plenty of waterways, trees and parks and real life iconic buildings and ancient wonders from ancient worlds. Manage power and water supplies for your town, provide trash removal and farm the land to produce food to feed your city. Happy sims will work harder and create more income for you to spend building and improving your Empire City.

We believe players should be able play our city building games without worrying about gathering building materials, having builders/collecting cranes, building screws or other things that slow down the gameplay. This city building game gives you the full freedom to build your empire your way.

Note: Designer City Empire Edition can be played completely free. Some completely optional in-game items, such as purchasing game currency, will require payment.

What's news

We hope you enjoy the new features in this update.

Happy designing!

Download Designer City: Empire Edition for Android

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