Persian Dictionary – Dict Box (PREMIUM) 8.9.3

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The description of Persian Dictionary & Translator - Dict Box

Dict Box is an offline dictionary & translator app for English-Persian learners and speakers.

Translate English to Farsi.
Translate Farsi to English.
No internet connection required.
Fast, convenient & easy to use.
Very smart word suggestions.
All dictionaries in one place.
Translate text directly in the web browser and other apps.
Text pronunciation.
Picture dictionary.
Word reminder.
Plenty of dictionaries available to install.

And a lot more useful features.

What's news

- Add synonyms
- Offline Pronunciation for Float Window
- Show preview translation when search
- Camera Lookup
- Translate long sentences
- US, UK, AU pronunciation

Download Persian Dictionary & Translator - Dict Box for Android

Download apk - 101 MB

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