Duplicate Photo Find & Remove (PRO) 1.2.3

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The description of Duplicate Photo Find & Remove

We all have duplicate similar photos in our mobile. We take multiple click to get 1 perfect photo. These similar or duplicate photos capture too much space of our mobile memory.
This is a perfect app to detect such duplicate photos and get rid of it to create extra space in your mobile phones.

How it works :
It's very easy to use. Just click on scan and the app will scan all images (even hidden files & cache files). The app will display sets of all similar and duplicate photos. There are 2 categories of sets :
- Similar images : They are not exactly same but 80% similar photos.
- Duplicate : They are 100% same in all prospective.

You could select each photos from the set keeping one unselected. With one click all the selected images will be deleted.

Permission :
- All file access : Is used to allow user to view & delete duplicate Images and video from storage as per selection.

What's news

- Find Duplicate Video Functionality Added.
- Better Performance.
- Solved Errors.

Download Duplicate Photo Find & Remove for Android

Download apk - 6 MB

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