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The description of Flutter: Starlight

Enter the cozy world of Flutter: Starlight! Discover the delight of nurturing and collecting moths in a relaxing, moonlit forest. You'll soon discover moths are just as beautiful as any butterfly in this wonderfully calming and relaxing game.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing forest ambience as you nurture moths through their enchanting lifecycle, from adorable caterpillars to majestic moths. Guide them through the cozy haven, bursting dandelions and collecting pollen. Behold their beauty and quirks as they flutter and play!

Build your moth collection and learn about each breed in the Flutterpedia. From the Lunar breeds available for collecting during different moon phases to the Zodiac breeds available for collecting during the course of the zodiac cycle, Flutter: Starlight features 300+ real-life moth breeds that you can discover and collect.

Expand and adorn your cozy forest with flowers that possess magical abilities. Discover other forest dwellers, each with their own intriguing tales to share and rewards for collecting. Complete missions and participate in events to start collecting exclusive rewards and new moth breeds!

If you enjoy cozy games, relaxing games, collecting games, or breeding games, you’ll love Flutter: Starlight. Join the 3 million+ people who have enjoyed collecting moths in this relaxing, cozy game!

🌿 Cozy Game: Relaxing forest ambience and calming gameplay.
🐛 Nature’s Wonders: Raise moths through their enchanting lifecycle.
🦋 300+ Moths: Try collecting all the different breeds.
🌟 Missions & Events: Complete to start collecting exclusive rewards.
👆 Interactive Gestures: Feed caterpillars, guide moths, and more.


Developed and published by Runaway, an award-winning studio creating relaxing, cozy games inspired by nature.

The “splashcam” feature from one of Runaway’s other relaxing cozy games requires read/write external storage permissions to save in-game screenshots. Flutter: Starlight is built with the same platform technology base, and therefore requires these permissions, although they are not currently used in the game.

Please note: This game is free-to-play but does include in-app purchases. For support or suggestions, contact: [email protected].

What's news

NEW EVENT: Meet Maite the Ant and help her grow her mushrooms to earn personalised rewards! Score 300 required!
NEW CREATURES: Unlock new moths unique to your game!
NEW DECORATIONS: Grow mushrooms to collect new flower decorations for your forest!

We also fixed some bugs and made some performance improvements

Download Flutter: Starlight for Android

Download apk - 177 MB

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