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The description of Learn basic Japanese Word and Grammar - HeyJapan

Learn anytime, anywhere! Learn less but be more effective!

You can actively choose 15 to 30 minutes to study Japanese each day with HeyJapan. Regularly for 2 to 3 months, you will see the difference!
A clear daily learning path to learn essential Japanese words, kanji, basic grammar, phrases, and practice listening, speaking. In addition, every day you can spend 20 minutes more revising the entire lesson.
At the weekend, review all the essential words and phrases you learned during the week and earn good badges from HeyJapan! Your Japanese will definitely improve rapidly!

HeyJapan is suitable for people who learn:

⭐️ Learners who want to self-study Japanese at home but don't know how to start, don't have a clear learning direction
⭐️ Learners want to find effective learning methods
⭐️ Learners want to be proactive about time and place
⭐️ Learners who want to study to support Kaiwa and take the JLPT

Learning the Japanese alphabet is the first step you need to take to conquer this interesting language.

The English writing system uses the Latin alphabet, while Japanese is hieroglyphic. Therefore, any English speakers who start to learn Japanese are surprised and quickly lose their motivation to learn from the beginning. HeyJapan helps beginners to understand the basic Japanese alphabet.

HeyJapan is a Japanese learning app that provides a full range of skills when you study at home: vocabulary, grammar, kanji, listening, and reading. The application is a great Japanese learning app to support studying Kaiwa and taking the JLPT

HeyJapan main features:

🔥 Learn all vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading on familiar topics, which can be applied in life such as family, work, food, and greetings,…
>> Japanese reading and grammars N5, N4
>> Japanese vocabulary for communication
>> Japanese vocabulary, kanji with pictures
>> Japanese listening with audio

🔥 Build a Japanese learning path suitable for each learner's goals

🔥 Boost motivation with cute badges that make Japanese learning more fun
You will receive adorable titles such as Speaking newbie when you complete a speaking exercise and Writing Expert when you write 50 new words,...

🔥 Synthesize the test questions so that Japanese learners can check their level, supporting JLPT exam goals
>> 15 JLPT N5 practice tests
>> 10 JLPT N4 practice tests
>> 15 JLPT N3 practice tests

🔥 Most especially, HeyJapan's Shibi chat feature will help you easily apply what you've learned in Japanese into practice.

📚 HeyJapan makes learning Japanese more fun, interesting, memorable, and easier. Let's make friends with Heyjapan and conquer Japan together!

HeyJapan always wants to send you the best Japanese vocabulary and grammar application. However, errors are inevitable, HeyJapan is looking forward to your feedback to improve the application better and better. Please send your feedback to email: [email protected]

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Произношение синтетического алфавита.

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