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The description of Modality Keyboard 2.0

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Please contact us with questions at [email protected].

Modality 2.0 is the simplest keyboard, which reduces the typing area to just four buttons.

The advantages for one-handed typing, "fat-finger" typing, sloppy typing, and typing with limited movement are obvious.

Though Modality can be fast - probably one of the fastest keyboards available - it is also very comfortable, custom-made for the screen at hand.

Modality is also available on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Samsung Watch. It's just that versatile.

We thank you for trying Modality today, and we look forward to your responses at [email protected]

What's news

A keyboard that uses only four buttons
Updated from Modality 1, which also had four buttons
Simpler than Modality 1
Letters are arranged by shape
Corrected a bug that crashed on the word "balance."

Download Modality Keyboard 2.0 for Android

Download apk - 2 MB

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