MomDiary: Week by week Pregnan 1.12

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The description of MomDiary: Week by week Pregnancy Tracker

MomDiary: Week by week Pregnancy Tracker includes a detail description of your baby's and changes in your body. You'll also find important Helpful tips that will helpful your health and for baby too.

Very useful to log your health like sleep, physical activities, mood, weight, blood pressure and nutrition), personal notes, baby’s first kick and bump photos.

**Pregnancy calendar shows week by week general information for all the changes taking place in your baby, useful tips and changes in your body.
• Baby Size, Weight, Length
• Baby development
• Mother’s body
• Useful tips

**Pregnancy Community Forum
- Best way to interact with Pregnancy Community Forum. Ask questions, learn from the experiences of others and share how you feel.
- You can manage in pregnancy community like User profile, likes, bookmarks, question, comments and replies.

**MomDiary: Week by week Pregnancy Tracker app useful features:
✔ Week by week Pregnancy Tracker for a pregnant woman
✔ Log your moods, blood pressure, physical activity and personal note.
✔ Kick tracker - Count your baby movements & check the history
✔ Contraction timer - helps you log time how long and how frequent your contractions are.
✔ Prenatal Music and Meditation Music for relaxing
✔ Pre-birth Bag Check List
✔ Pregnancy Cost Calculator
✔ Kegel Exercise
✔ Log your Weight
✔ Photo Library to keep photos of baby - Bumpie

* This App is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, consult with your gynecologist or midwife.

What's news

-- minor bug fixed
-- android 11 compatible

Download MomDiary: Week by week Pregnancy Tracker for Android

Download apk - 10 MB

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