Monitee – Home server monitor 0.2.8


The description of Monitee

Do you keep a server in your closet, or perhaps a raspberry pi on your desk at home?

Then this app is for you. With Monitee you will be able to monitor your servers health and get an overview of it's key metrics such as CPU usage, available memory and running processes.

Get notified when your server uses too much of your bandwidth, or is running out of disk space. And much more.

If your server runs Docker, you can also manage the containers. Such as start, stop and restart them. And read their logs.

Currently supported platforms:
- Windows
- MacOS
- Linux

This application relies on the open source project sys-API which can be downloaded from

How to connect Monitee to Sys-API:

What's news

- Resolve issue with selecting primary drive and NIC in add server flow
- Automatically keep Licenses view up to date
- Attempted fix at "no apps can perform this action" while sending logs
- Made dark mode slightly darker
- Made line-charts more readable

Download Monitee for Android

Download apk - 3 MB

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