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Arcade, Game

The description of Murder: Be The King

A funny flash game about becoming the King by killing the old King, after became the king you have to protect your throne from other bloody assassins because they wan't your life not your fragile throne.

The game mechanic includes highscore and endless run system the higher level you reach the more difficult the game will be.

The game purpose is to bring joy to people after a hard working day in a short period of time. So please don't overuse or mimic the actions in the game.

Children below 10 years old SHOULD NOT be allowed to play the game due to some violence in the game.

*【Be The King】You are an assassin and try to become the king by killing the old king, after you get the throne you have to protect yourself from being killed by other assassins who likely don't need your crown but your life instead.
I hope this short flash game will bring joy to you in your free time, thank you.

What's news

- Improve stability

Download Murder: Be The King for Android

Download apk - 22 MB

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