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The description of Panda Mouse Pro(BETA)

Panda Mouse Pro is a specifically designed keymapper for Keyboard and Mouse.
Compare to classical keymapper, its unique features:

1. Run games directly without cloning;
2. Support Google Play login;
3. Won't be banned by some games in which duplication running is not allowed;
4. Support nearly all brands of Keyboard and Mouse;
5. Support nearly all apps & games(shooting, MOBA and sports etc), except a few extreme applications;

Video tutorials:

6. Activation explanation:
◉ Activate directly on Android 11 and above;
◉ Connecting to PC or Mac is necessary on Android 10 and below;
◉ Activate automatically on rooted devices.

Activation Guide:

What's news

[feature] order keys support time interval configuration separately;
[feature] Add guides to enable usb debugging(Security Settings) option for xiaomi devices;
[fix] Shortcut keys configuration support 'long click' to clear, that is: Enter a key or tap to cancel or long press to clear;
[fix] Fixed an issue where compass and camera movement occasionally interfered with each other;
[fix] Recoil shortcut key can work with normal keys at the same time;

Download Panda Mouse Pro(BETA) for Android

Download apk - 14 MB
Download apk - 27 MB

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