Phone Tester (PREMIUM) 1.0.1

Phone Tester
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The description of Phone Tester

Are you planning to buy a used phone ? Do you want to test the functioning of all its hardware & software. Here is the solution to complete testing of your android phone.
In this app you will be able test and check all the components of the phone. Whether it is Display screen, microphone, speaker, loud speaker, buttons, earphone jack, color display pixels, vibrations, sim slots, WiFi, bluetooth, mobile data, network connections, etc,.

- The purpose of phone tester app is get details about device.
-- Battery Information & Check its charging.
-- Sensor Information % test all the sensors of the phone.
-- GPS Information & Testing.
-- Telephony Information
-- Camera Information
-- Network Information
-- Check working of fingerprint sensor.
-- Test if your Display Screen is working or not by Screen test feature.
-- Check phone vibrations.
-- Test Microphone, loudspeaker, headphone jack & micro speaker.

Phone tester is a free app that allows you to analyze and test your device's hardware, sensors and components, to make sure everything is operating correctly.

CAMERA - To get camera information and open camera for testing purpose.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - To get location information.
READ_PHONE_TEST - To get information about SIM card.

What's news

Improved Version.

Download Phone Tester for Android

Download apk - 6 MB

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