Slow motion/Frame Player 1.3 Моды

Slow motion

The description of Slow motion/Frame Player

During the slow motion playback, audio can play properly.
In most other video player, is often intended to or may not be heard at the time of slow reproduction, got the pitch has changed..
In addition, frame advance also has become a frame advance of true one frame at a time.
Frame is sent , at the time of pause , the image being displayed , it can be saved as an image file in JPEG format.
It is compatible with a variety of video formats . (3GP, FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, RM, WMV , etc.)

Known Issues :
Full HD size during movie playback of large size, such as, it may not play smoothly.
Because the developer is Japanese, please forgive me that it is unfamiliar with English.

Mod info

Removed completely google from smal and resources
Duplicate graphics cleared
Language localization en / ru
The setting item in which the “Remove ad” item was deleted

What's news

Ver 1.6 (2019/12/26)
Fixed a bug that the size of the Ad became strange depending on the device.
Ver 1.5 (2019/11/25)
Fixed a bug when selecting a file.
Ver 1.4 (2019/11/11)
Fixed bugs in image output.
Added support for full screen display in landscape view.
Restored the screen orientation and brightness in the last state.

Download Slow motion/Frame Player for Android

Download apk - 16 MB
Download apk - 14 MB
Download apk - 15 MB

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