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The description of Sparkle: Self-Care Checklist, Tracker & Journal

Sparkle is a simple tracker and journal for your self-care activities (= Sparkles). Create a checklist of all the things that make you happy. Track and document these habits daily to keep yourself accountable. Change your life by taking a better care of yourself and your mental health - because you deserve it!

This is what you get:
• A FREE app to track what makes you the happiest
• Personal checklist of your self-care activities
• Daily check-ins with habit tracking to keep you accountable
• Ideas & inspiration for your self-care & self-love practice
• Self-reflection through simple journaling
• Great overview of your past entries
• Motivation through daily quotes
• Personal reminders that work with your life

Sparkle was designed based on simple truth: Do more things that make you feel good, document them with a tracker and you will feel happier overall! Your mental health will improve and you will be more productive within 7 days of using Sparkle.

Inside Sparkle:
• Sparkle Checklist: These are the things that make you happy! Create a list of habits that help you feel better and happier day by day.
• Sparkle Journal: Keep track of your happy moments and memories through journaling.
• Daily Check-In: Keep yourself accountable through daily check-in of your self-care and self-love habits.
• Ideas & Inspiration: Get fresh ideas and inspiration for your personal self-care and self-love practice.
• Progress & Habit Tracker: Track your progress and see how your well-being and mental health improve with time.
• Reminder Settings: Set personal reminders for the daily check-in and journaling to create a practice what works with your life.

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” - Katie Reed

What's news

We have seen that the notification was not working for some of you. We hope that this release is solving this issue.

Download Sparkle: Self-Care Checklist, Tracker & Journal for Android

Sparkle-Self-Care-Checklist-Tracker- Journal-1.1.2.apk
Download apk - 48 MB

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