Stickman Dismount Hero Fly 1.48 Моды

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Game, Simulation

The description of Stickman Hero Fly

Stickman Dismount Hero Fly is a physic ragdoll game with improved characters that are familiar superheroes full of power.
Just hold and release the dismount button to get the momentum to push the superhero from the top of the ladder, create deadly falls on multiple levels, rush into traps for the greatest damage.
Combine using vehicles, props, and kits to dismount your hero stickman, the higher the damage, the higher the score.
Use coin collected to buy more heroes and get special skills.
Promising to bring players the most unforgettable adventure experience!
Game features:
- Name your own character and choose a superhero avatar
- Diversity of vehicles: bike, car, container, future bike, love chair, monster truck, motorbike...
- Many adventure maps for each level: stairs and slides, space slides, highway, jump hole, danger zone, meteors valley...
- Adjust the character pose to create high damage
- Many dangerous obstacles, causing quick damage to the character
- Many ascending levels
- Realistic, lively sound
- Smooth game movement
- Beautiful game graphics, soothing colors
- Many ways to get bonus coins: play games every day, complete missions, lucky spins, online bonus: watch videos

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Download Stickman Hero Fly for Android

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Download apk - 53 MB

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