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The description of WeatherRadar Pro

WeatherRadar presents the current weather and predictions in an amazing way.

Some of the features of WeatherRadar:

- Current temperature and conditions for every location in the world
- Background image for each location will give an impression of the local weather and time
- Visibility, pressure, humidity, rain, dew point
- Wind speed is shown using an animated windmill. This gives a clear impression fast. Try comparing the windspeed between locations with a quick swipe
- The wind bearing is shown with an arrow based on the compass of your phone So it shows exactly where the wind is coming from. Move your phone and the wind bearing will correct itself. Of course the actual bearing is also given in compass notation
- A description of the current and expected weather conditions, including how the temperature feels in practice, in clear English
- Sunrise and sunset are shown as animation, showing the progress of the sun across the sky for the day so far. The actual times are shown as well
- The current moon phase is described and shown as an image
- A Prediction of the weather for the week is shown in a clear table, with illustrations for the type of weather to be expected in addition to the maximum and minimum temperatures
- A rain radar map is shown for the selected location. This rain radar map works for any location worldwide, not just the US

Additional features:

- Add any location worldwide and have the weather available to you at any time. You can add and remove locations as you like
- Use the settings to set your preferred unit for wind speed, pressure, time, temperature and visibility
- Set the map type you prefer
- All settings and locations will remain stored with WeatherRadar

WeatherRadar is fast, precise, and looks great. Use it to monitor the weather at any time, for any location in the world. Accurate, premium weather forecast data from Dark Sky.

Please contact us at [email protected] for any suggestions. Enjoy the app!

What's news

Update for compatibility with latest Android version and libraries. Thank you for your support!

Download WeatherRadar Pro for Android

Download apk - 9 MB

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