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The description of Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG

Join the league of demon hunters and save the world in Demon Blade! Something strange is happening: the moon has disappeared and the border with the demon world has blurred. As a demon hunter, you must assume your role and save the people. But you won't be alone in this mission: form clans and join other players to overcome different dungeons and face the demon that torments these lands.

Become the strongest samurai and receive fantastic legendary rewards. Your sword is sacred, your most precious weapon, and you must make sure not to lose it in the fight against demons. Fighting is the last resort to save Japan. Are you ready to take action?


> A fantastic RPG story, full of characters and encounters, fear and passions. > Live a great story on your own device.
> Embody the role of a samurai and level up your character and equipment.
> Action combat like you've never seen before on mobile. No on-screen buttons! A Souls-like combat for smartphones.
> Online rankings against other players.
> Ultimate skills to release the demons that live in your katana.
> Form clans with other players and participate in raids to defeat dungeon bosses.
> Discover hundreds of samurai armors, each one visible on your character in-game, and legendary equipment such as swords and armor.
> A great artistic direction, based on Chinese ink for the recreation of feudal Japan.
> A PVP system to see who's the best samurai.
> Join the fight against demons and become the strongest samurai! Download Demon Blade now and experience an epic adventure.


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What's news


- Added Cursed Rift story ending


- Increased number of divines in the Raid shop
- Increased daily and weekly quest rewards
- Increased emeralds on Demonic Boss

Fixed up

- Kuzuryu passive fixed and now works with Fullcounter

Download Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG for Android

Download apk - 277 MB

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