Mr. Cheesy – Retro Endless Sliding 1.001

Mr Cheesy Retro Endless Sliding 1
Arcade, Game

The description of Mr. Cheesy - Retro Endless Sliding

Mr. Cheesy is a Special Project developed in under 72h all in Handcrafted Pixel Art by SAVVU! 🧀

It is a game made only by one Solo Developer and Student for the Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam!
* In the top 10 Most Rated out of 4900 Games with more than 250 Ratings and Feedback! ⭐

Slide down that Cheese Grater and since the theme of Ludum Dare 46 is "Keep it alive"...try not to end up on that Spaghett! 🍝

Mr. Cheesy is also chased by an hungry mouse that you have to catch with a mouse trap. Be careful though, every time you catch one, a new one appears! 🐭
An endless mouse and cheese hunt with hilarious visuals!

Game Mechanics:

* Move by touching the left or right side of your screen

* Use power-ups to survive even longer

* Things to avoid to stay alive: Getting grated, catch fire, getting eaten

Get ready and slide down that endless grater for an hilarious and extra fun experience! 🤣

By downloading Mr. Cheesy you support me and my work! Doing so you get me a delicious Cup of Coffee that boosts my means a lot!🙏☕

Thanks for playing and consider rating the game since feedback is the best way to improve!

What's news

* 4 new mouse variations!
* New Power-Ups!
* New Fire Traps!
* You can fall from the grater!

Download Mr. Cheesy - Retro Endless Sliding for Android

Download apk - 14 MB

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