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  • Scary Teacher 3D Logo
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    Scary Teacher 3D 5.8.1 Apk for Android + Mod + Data

    The story is about a genius girl and her worst high school teacher. The Scary Teacher has been threatening kids, giving physical punishment and at times torturing kids. Now, this scary teacher has relocated as your neighbor and you have decided to teach her a lesson by scaring her.What’s the ideal revenge? It’s time to […] More

  • Infinite Flight Simulator Android Games Logo b
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    Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator 20.03.04 Apk for Android + Mod

    Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. Explore high definition scenery in regions from around the world with our diverse inventory of detailed aircraft, tailoring each flight by choosing your time of day, weather conditions, and aircraft weight configuration. Features:• […] More

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    [PROJECT:OFFROAD] (PRO) 162 Apk for Android + Mod + Data

    A realistic offroad experience which has different hard levels with different obstacles.- Multi game mods- Advanced contols- High quality graphics- 250 different hard levels with realistic physics- Landscape maps & Missions- Free ride mode- Vehicle upgrades- Lot of 4×4 & 6×6 vehiclesAre you ready for a different and realistic offroad experience?How to install [PROJECT:OFFROAD] OBB […] More

  • Trash Tycoon Logo
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    Trash Tycoon: idle clicker Apk for Android + Mod

    Are you dreaming of being rich and famous all around the world? Do you want to make billions of dollars and build your own Empire as a real magnate? Then you’ll definitely like the Trash Tycoon game! You’ll become the Savior of our planet, besides the fact that you’ll make a lot of money by […] More

  • Idle Streamer 1
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    Idle Streamer! 1.27 Apk for Android + Mod

    Become the world's most famous streamer!Upgrade your streaming studio, equipment, character and improve your gamer skills to collect donations.Interact with your fans by chat and live events and your followers will stick with you. But beware! make sure you answer them correctly.Click on your screen to gain more coins, keep upgrading to gain more audience […] More

  • Kung Fu Clicker logo c
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    Kung Fu Clicker: Idle Dojo 1.19.1 Apk for Android + Mod

    Restore a dojo to its former glory and become a martial arts master with Kung Fu Clicker!The Shadow Fang gang are wreaking havoc on the neighborhood dojo. It’s up to you to fight them and defend your dojo from their attacks! Tap to invest in your dojo and let your idle profits grow. Then keep […] More

  • Idle Planet Miner logo b
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    Idle Planet Miner Apk for Android + Mod

    If you enjoy clicker & digging games, Idle Planet Miner is perfect for you! Idle Planet Miner is an incremental, digging, idle clicker game that lets you take control of a mining ship and dig deep into the cores of planets across the solar system! Just start clicking to mine rare metals. Hire special mining […] More

  • BOKU BOKU Logo b
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    BOKU BOKU 1.0.177 Apk for Android + Mod

    BOKU BOKU is a blocks-building game, you can use blocks to create your own world, a unique playground that is only for you.- Blocks-building game, Create Freely!- Many interactive objects for play.- Friendly for children, family and girl.- Support multiplayer mode.- Continuous evolving![ Awards ]- TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019: Indie Game Area – Official Selection- […] More

  • Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery Logo


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    Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery 1.1.24 Apk for Android + Mod

    To every dessert lovers,The very popular dessert maker: "The Sweet Shop Rose"has received a big expansion and returns![New features]- New recipes added!Brand new recipes of breads and various hot dishes added!More than 500 recipes for you to discover!- Shop design customizationNow you can change the decoration theme of your shop!Let's create your very own dessert […] More