Secure Notepad – Safe Notes With Password (PREMIUM) 3.0 Apk for Android

Secure Notepad Private Notes With Lock

The description of Secure Notepad - Safe Notes With Password

You will not find a better-protected place for your private notes than in a safe notepad with password. A place where you can keep your private diary hidden from everyone. Private Notepad designed to help you keep all of your important notes in a safe, secure place and it will do everything so that no one except you could open this secured vault.

Private Notepad main features:
• Simple and clean design
• All secure notes are protected and accessible only to you
• Encryption for every word
• Automatic lock your private notepad
• Restore password using the secret word
• Draw notes
• Create lists
• Backup secure notes to SD card or Google Drive
• Supports fingerprint sensor
• Support for Emoji
• Safe notes can be pinned to the top

Keep your private notes, passwords, or contacts in the most secure place, away from stranger's eyes.

Everyone has secrets to keep. Someone secretly writes poetry, another is engaged in writing love stories, and the third is writing a private diary. With this private notepad app, all your data will be safe and locked!

A protected notepad will create a personal island in a family tablet, a unique encoded place that even intruders cannot crack. It's like a full-fledged notes and images vault in your smartphone, and only you have password from it. Vault does not leave any data on the internal storage of the smartphone, which means it is very difficult to hack.

The private notepad is not the only password-protected but also encrypts every word you enter so that no one can recognize the secrets stored in it. The AES algorithm encodes each character, making it unreadable outside the program.

A secure notepad allows you to save a protected backup copy of notes on internal storage or Google Drive, before exporting, all data is encrypted, what not only protect notes but also made backup absolutely safe.

You can unlock private notepad with password or fingerprint sensor. Choose your way to do it! Forgot password? Read the hint to restore access to notes! Even if it does not help, I will always be happy to answer your request and help in solving the problem.

Simple and fast private notepad free app with all necessary functions and features. Just try it!

Notepad with password will help you to hide all-important safe notes and data in one secured place. No need to worry about from now, all is totally protected and encrypted.

Private notepad can count your symbols and words! Simple, but very effective feature for writers, who can always know how much text he/she already wrote. Of course, if you do not need such a feature, just disable it in the settings dialog.

Overall, a private notepad will help you to make safe notes and protect them from other eyes. And auto-backup functionality will help you to never lose it.

If you have any suggestions for improving the Secure Notepad app, leave them in the feedback or use the contact form

What's news

Thank you for using Secure Notepad - Safe Notes With Password!

What's new:
Reworked "Pick image" screen
Added password screen appear delay (you can choose delay in settings)
Reworked icon
Increased amount of images in the note from 4 to 8
Fixed voice records on old devices
Fixed bugs

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